Monday, 13 January 2014

Rich - Poor Gap


1. What will be affected if the rich and poor gap increases drastically?

2. What is the cause of rich and poor gap?

3. What will happen if everyone is rich?

4. What will happen if everyone is poor?

5. What will happen to our society if the balance between the rich and the 
poor is tipped to a favourable side?

6. What can be done to balance the gap and not worsen it?

7. How can we ensure both the rich and poor survive in the world 

8. What is the poverty rate in the world?

9. Is it good to widen the gap or closer the gap?

10. Exactly how rich is rich and how poor is poor?

11. Impact on countries that have a wide rich and poor gap?

12. What areas is affected largely by the gap?

13. Is anybody trying to find solutions about this problem?

14. What else has been done to solve this problem?

15. Is the rich causing problems for the poor or poor causing problem to the rich?

16.Will this be a global threat to the world?