Wednesday, 16 April 2014

IRS survey responses

1.Do you think something should be done to prevent this rich and poor gap?
90% of the answers were yes. A lot of people says yes for this question as it is major problem in this world so we have to solve this problem quickly or it will get out of hand.10% of the people said no as they think this problem is not very important problem in this world and this problem could be solved very fast.

2.Do you think the gap between the rich and poor is widening or narrowing?

65% of the answers were that they thinks that the gap between the rich and poor is increasing and 35% of them thinks that the gap is narrowing. From this, we can conclude that most of them feels that this problem is happening and they know about it.

3.Have you ever wondered why there are rich and poor people in this world?
41% of them answered that they have ever pondered about why there are poor and rich people in the world and 59% of them answered no. This shows that at least there are people who gives a thought about this question and they know about the problem.

4.Have you ever experienced unfairness when it comes to the rich - poor gap like for example more privileges given to the rich?
Most people have experienced it before as in Singapore, there is a drastic difference and change between the rich and the poor. We think that people have observed the unfairness than to actually experience it as there is not many people who come from extremely poor families from SST.

5.Why do you think this is happening?
People think that rich people are more resourceful than the poor and that the poor have less to give than the rich, thus people do not generally support the poor. Some people also think that there are some problems like lack of education and thus being unable to find a job.

6. What are some reasons that you think causes the unfairness of the rich and poor?
The reasons that the respondents think that causes the unfairness of the rich and poor were the rich doesn’t want to donate money to the poor, the cost of living is increasing drastically, the competition of survival in the world is increasing drastically and 13% thinks that there are other reasons. The most common reasons that the respondents gave was the cost of ling is increasing drastically (38%) .  By asking this questions, we can derive our solution to the research topic and also have a better understanding of what are the reasons that causes the unfairness of the rich and poor from the point of view from students.

7.How do you think everyone could play a part to help with this problem?

Most people think that we stop prioritising the rich and give more attention to the poor. They also think that we should give the poor a chance like letting the rich donate to the poor or helping the poor out financially.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Rich - Poor Gap


1. What will be affected if the rich and poor gap increases drastically?

2. What is the cause of rich and poor gap?

3. What will happen if everyone is rich?

4. What will happen if everyone is poor?

5. What will happen to our society if the balance between the rich and the 
poor is tipped to a favourable side?

6. What can be done to balance the gap and not worsen it?

7. How can we ensure both the rich and poor survive in the world 

8. What is the poverty rate in the world?

9. Is it good to widen the gap or closer the gap?

10. Exactly how rich is rich and how poor is poor?

11. Impact on countries that have a wide rich and poor gap?

12. What areas is affected largely by the gap?

13. Is anybody trying to find solutions about this problem?

14. What else has been done to solve this problem?

15. Is the rich causing problems for the poor or poor causing problem to the rich?

16.Will this be a global threat to the world?